Saturday, July 25, 2015

Howdy all, just a short and sweet message to explain that "short and sweet" is where I'm currently comfortable as far as social media is concerned. For those of you who are very keen you'll notice that this blog hasnt been dusted off in a regrettably long amount of time. While I get myself digitally organized I prefer to use something a little more "short form" friendly, like tumblr and even more recently instagram. Please pardon the dust while I rework this blog, and feel free to check out what I've been up to on these other social media outlets!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Witching Hour approaches on All Hallows Eve and its time to submit! This is a good first pass, Im happy with where its at for now. Very fun to make some legit fan art for my favorite game. Cant wait to see what the others have submitted to the art jam! Special thanks to OC Remix and their Balance and Ruin for providing some awesome ambiance.

FFVI Art Jam

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bad Ass Babes of Sci Fi & Fantasy, Series I

During my last semester of grad school I had a quick study class in which you were made to paint things reallyreally fast. We used oil paint and I reallyreally enjoyed it. You were given 10, 20, or 40 minutes to paint a still life, or a portrait, or a nude figure. It was challenging and nothing made you feel like less of an artist then looking at your work after 20 minutes. But the best part was that hey, it was only 20 minutes! Now I can try again and do better, and I didnt waste a day, a week, or more. Working so fast you have to learn how to see things clearly, learn how to translate what you see quickly, and learn how to commit. Im very grateful to have been able to take that class with Craig Nelson, an amazing instructor and artist. I highly recommend taking a class like this, or practicing doing your own quick studies in whatever medium you work in. You'll be surprised how much you learn and how much art you make from it!

Unfortunately I havent touched my oil paints in a while, but I've continued doing quick studies as digital paintings. I find an image I like, I copy it, and I really focus on shapes, value, and exaggerated color. I love to push the color around and try new things. Using photoshop I can work with a lot of fun brushes and textures too. I personally enjoy a loose feel in painting, where you can see a nice balance of blending and brush strokes, so I practice that in my own work. These exercises have been a great way to unwind, warm up, and really get to understand lighting and the planes of the face. I give myself about 45 minutes to an hour, any longer and I just start to noodle and things usually go downhill. Learning how to call it done and move on was a big challenge as well.

Enough technical chatter, lets just move on to the main event: the paintings! For this series I thought it would be fun to paint a subject matter that I love, beautiful people who have inspired and entertained me through my life. And lets be honest creating "fan art" is just a great way to indulge myself. Im proud to present my "Bad Ass Babes of Sci Fi & Fantasy, Series I." Personally I still love River, and she was my first attempt. I think I captured something there that was very unintentional, and now I am very intentionally trying to recreate it. Sometimes I hit the mark, sometimes I miss, but they have all been great practice. I'll definitely be working on more, thats for sure!

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Thanks, I hope you enjoy. :}

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"A Fairy Tale", The Big Update

Extremely happy to announce that (almost 6 months later) I have updated my "A Fairy Tale" page on this blog to include work from my final thesis book. There are almost 30 of the 92 pages available to view online, including my favorite part to share with you- the cinematic moments with story!

I still cant thank my teachers and mentors at the Academy of Art University enough for their guidance and support on this project. Sherrie Sinclair, Nicolas Villarreal, Michael Buffington, and John Heebink- you guys are simply the best. 

I truly hope everyone enjoys this story as it begins to fill out, and be sure to check back as there will definitely be new material soon! Thank you!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nouveau Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is one of my favorite genres when it comes to art and illustration. Through the years I've dabbled in trying to copy, or recreate the style when inspiration strikes, Heres a small gallery of how it's been progressing through the years.

This is a (slightly belated) thank you to everyone who helped me succeed at and celebrate earning my Masters Degree. Thank you for helping me reach the moon and the stars… 

My self assigned avatar

For my beautiful cousin who makes her own.

The baby steps of trying to understand Art Nouveau.

 I dont just want to understand it, I really want to find a way to incorporate it into my own unique interpretation of it. I think I'll get there, practice, practice, practice!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

APE 2012

I'm lucky to be surrounded by two lovely and talented ladies at APE this weekend. Please come by and see what we love to do for a living! 

Old Movies, New Style

So, I have had some pretty awesome teachers at the Academy of Art University, and even though I've graduated they still continue to help direct me and give me feedback on my art. One in particular has always pushed me to try new and different styles. During my last semester that notion was daunting and terrifying and I fought against it like a feral cat. But now that I'm out from under the security blanket of my thesis I've been tip toeing around and playing with some new ideas.

I chose a few of my favorite movies and characters to start off with the experimentation.

"You remind me of the babe..."

"The harmony of the Universe depends upon an eternal balance. Out of the struggle to maintain this balance comes the birth of Legends."

 Ok, this one may not be an old movie, in fact its really quite new... But I saw it and thought it was super cute and was inspired to draw something about those two crazy love birds in the film.

"You're my zing!"

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