Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wondercon 2011!!

WOooOoo! So excited! Im going to have a booth in Artist Alley, number AA-124! I'll be selling prints of my artwork, buttons, post cards, and not one but TWO comic books! One is a compilation of mine and my friends comic stories, its called Figments and its pretty damn cool! The second book Im selling is my very own comic! Its a work in progress book to show the development of my story! Im really happy with how everything has turned out so far, and I cant waaaaiit for the con! So much awesome energy and art and wonderful nerdy things! <3

Let there be comics!!

Buttons!! (and a wacom?)

I <3

Seeing my characters in real life, basically life size made me burst out into a little jog! (My roomie can attest to that.) Its really something to look at what you've done so big and so in your face.

I havent printed so much stuff since my college graduation from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2004! lol

Air Heads

Lawl, get it? Cause her name is Aranella, and they call her Air?? Haaaaa.....

Ok anyway, I thought it would be fun to work on her expression charts. I need to focus more on her face structure, and pay attention to her nose, and the spacing of her eyes, but I think she's getting pretty good! :}

Some Fairy Tale Pages

Money shots, yeeeaah. Working on getting all of my pages to this level of finish. Most of the pages I have so far have been reworked so much, and are still going through revisions, including these first two. Theres no word bubbles on these images, but if you cant figure out whats going on in these first two pages, then Ive done my job horribly wrong. :P

Some quick color studies of a later scene. Im working on getting a good color scheme for the forest, and I need to push the darks when they are in the reed area. I love Arans expression on page 4. <3

Fairy Tale Art Stuff

What a difference an edit makes. I always felt there was something juuuust a little off with the original drawing, but Im super happy with how the new version turned out! Bellow are some of the fun art stuffs I've been working on for my story.

Color studies, funny that Dale picked the original color scheme out of the lineup, and it was the first color scheme I had in mind the whole time. FATE! :P

The first time I colored Hallas, I knew I wanted him to be pale and in blues, a shade of Daniel.

Fairy Tale Character Development

Trying to draw Aranella in a life drawing session. 2 -3 minute posses.

Initial character designs for my thesis and passion project "A Fairy Tale". Thank you Michael Buffington for all your help!

Visual Development

I took a class called Visual Elements of the Story with the fantastic Nicolas Villarreal, it was all pre production vis dev stuff, and I absolutely loved it!! I had so much fun learning the process of it all, things that felt very inherent in my own process, but were never fully developed! I learned so much, it was a great class. I chose the Princess Bride as my theme, and these are the finished character designs, layouts and paintings!