Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wondercon 2011!!

WOooOoo! So excited! Im going to have a booth in Artist Alley, number AA-124! I'll be selling prints of my artwork, buttons, post cards, and not one but TWO comic books! One is a compilation of mine and my friends comic stories, its called Figments and its pretty damn cool! The second book Im selling is my very own comic! Its a work in progress book to show the development of my story! Im really happy with how everything has turned out so far, and I cant waaaaiit for the con! So much awesome energy and art and wonderful nerdy things! <3

Let there be comics!!

Buttons!! (and a wacom?)

I <3

Seeing my characters in real life, basically life size made me burst out into a little jog! (My roomie can attest to that.) Its really something to look at what you've done so big and so in your face.

I havent printed so much stuff since my college graduation from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2004! lol

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