Friday, April 15, 2011

Harmony Harmony!!

I've been working on more (Air)head and expression studies. John Heebink really had me slow down and build up from structure and form, and I think it's a huge improvement. I was afraid that I would lose somewhat of that quick sketchy animated feel if I slowed down and made everything deliberate- I was totally wrong. I think my heads are getting much more dimensional with more thought in them. Im very comfortable with Aran, but I need to work with everyone else so I can get more familiar with their features. Time and practice!

Something truly amazing happened at school last Tuesday! The Wild Cat Fund brought in four of their cats to our school for us to draw! They were absolutely breathtaking. I've never been so close to wild animals like this before, and Ive certainly never drawn them before. I used brush pens, and didnt get too much done, I think I was too busy just staring at them in awe. They were squirmy little guys anyway, didnt really know how to hold a pose. :P We met a King Cheetah, a Caracal, a Serval and a Lynx. So awesome!

And now for something totally random - completely addicted to these two amazing things- Robot Unicorn Attack and My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, I had to combine them the only way I knew how. My homage to My Little Robot Unicorn. Loooove!

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