Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting to know my Villains, and other such characters.

Lets start with Queen Mab.

Mab is my sultry, seductive, alluring Mistress of Magic. I had a general idea of what I wanted her to look like, but she's definitely changed since I first drew her a few years ago. I have stronger shapes for her face and body now, and chopped her hair to give her a more modern bob.

Throughout the story I want to give her an arrangement of fantastic costumes, but
always long and elegant, showcasing the ribbing on the dress in some way. The dark green color was too forest and fae like, so I really like putting her in the deep burgundy and reds. Typically it makes her more menacing that way.

But then there was white.

And whats more unnerving then something that is what its not supposed to be? We meet Mab in the winter, and I like the idea of her putting forward this facade of purity.

I should perhaps usher out a "Spoiler Alert", but I wont say much about these dragon designs. Perhaps you can figure it out. :} (I do write a lot of notes on my drawings >_< )

All I can say is that I used to dream of dragons and draw them constantly as a kid. And now they're back!

"OMG that owl totally looks like that one thing from that one movie!" Why yes, yes he does. And if you recognize him slightly then Im using my 80s underground pop culture references correctly. I never said this story wasnt a cliche, or a throwback to my favorite influences. ^_~

Now lets talk about The Lyking. He's still somewhat of a mystery to me. I'm still getting to know him, I havent yet learned his first name. I do know hes the Worg Master, and consort to Mab, her partner in crime.

At first I was thinking he would look very much like Cliff Simon, Ba'al from Stargate. I wanted him to feel very old and wise, but still maintain and younger, very handsome and alluring front, with that arrogant smile.

Then I saw this amazing video and I got reeeally inspired. Can you tell why?
So Im sure there will be a redesign here soon. Not too drastic, just going to make him stronger.

A working character line up. I like the idea of having the villains and the main "npc" characters larger then life, like in WoW, the bigger you are the more important you are to the story line hahaha.

Id like to close this sketch bomb with Gump and Ginger. What a sassy couple. Ginger was inspired by some lovely ladies at a renaissance faire. I saw them and I thought, hell, why not! Gump needs some spice in his life, too!

Get it? ... Spice?...


  1. Wow! These are great character designs! I love how flowy and relaxed your style looks! This is for a comic, right? These are so neat! :D

  2. Hey Chelsea, thank you for the great comment! Yes they are development for a graphic novel story Im working on. :}

  3. I agree with Chelsea- do you think maybe you could go into detail about how you drew the character facing away from you? I have a hard time with that and your stuff looks just fantastic....