Friday, December 2, 2011


For a long while now there has been this mysterious "Gypsy Princess" who at once creates tension between Daniel and his friends, and yet ends up saving his life at the risk of her own. I didnt know what I wanted her to look like for so long, I just knew she had to be demure, and elegant, like a beautiful belly dancer. (Heres a perfect example- Maria)

Then it hit me. If Daniel has Hallas, then it only makes sense that Aranella needs an "other" as well, and thats where I found Zephira.

I started developing Zeph to be like Air, only opposite. She would be confident and mature, with a radiant charm and sex appeal, as oppose to Arans innocent niativity. With a nickname like Air, I wanted to keep my Gypsy Princess' name close to that, which works out on the other side of the alphabet with Zephyr.

Meet Zephira, with her love drowned eyes.

Shes my Schala.

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