Friday, January 27, 2012

Visual Elements Part Deux

I was so lucky to be able to take Visual Elements again this past semester as a directed study, which meant I got to focus on my thesis work with the guidance of Nicolas and Sherrie. I proudly present the final product from last semester, ta daaaa. *confetti*

The Loremaster

They traveled looking for answers from what was believed one of the oldest surviving dragons, Niccodemus. They didnt realize that it wasnt a well eaten buffet they were walking through, but a tomb, a graveyard, the final resting spot for the blue and silver Dragons of the Water Flight. Niccodemus had come here to be with all that remained of his kin, he had come here to die.

Turning Point

Desperation left them one choice, to expose themselves and escape through the courtyard. Aranella ran first, to her own demise, as Hallas and Daniel fell behind and to the ground, overcome with an overwhelming fear. Dragon fear. The air was still and the battle drowned to silence as a beautiful, deadly shadow swooped up from the cliffs, behind the castle walls. Aran was alone and central in the dragons sight, and they both took a deep breath...


  1. Awesome characters and colors on your illustrations!

    1. Thank you very much! :} They were a lot of fun to work on.