Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This may be a little late on both counts of the Solstice and Easter, but I wanted to post something colorful for spring. <3

As far as catching up goes, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who found me at Wondercon. It was a total blast! I was really really happy to see so many fans from last years conference down in Anaheim. I also really admire the team that puts these conferences together, its hard enough going as an exhibitor, I cant imagine all the work that goes into setting the whole thing up! Good job guys, cant wait to see everyone at APE in the fall!

These are the final few weeks I'll be working on my thesis and putting together my presentation book. Im really feeling the crunch time and the whole "end of school". Its a little melancholy. Im one of those crazy people who actually likes school, and leaving the routine, environment and companions is a little hard to do- especially again. I wont be -done- with my thesis, which is the Fairy Tale, so Im looking forward to working more and more on it after I graduate. But I would really love a job first, haha, student loans. Hello work force, here I come! :D

Wish me luck!

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