Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Making Of ~ A Pirate Pa-rrRrr-ty

My family is a big fan of playing dress up and make believe, we love the Renaissance Faire, Edwardian Ball, Halloween, and any other occasion to glam it up. We also have a lot of summer babies, so theres always an annual birthday bash with a theme to encompass them all, and this year we chose Pirates!

Hats off to Mr Marc Davis, whose creative brilliance has inspired me my whole life. 
I hope I've done him proud with my rendition of his Saucy Red Headed Wench. 

Its amazing what you can do with some house paint and left over card board boxes!
Release the Kraken!

Print some pirate sayings on parchment and attach a popsicle stick et voila, you have instant photo booth fun! Also works wonders with mustaches.

Spruced up a few of my mermaid and pirate chalk drawings and printed them on parchment paper for decorative motifs around the house.

My cousin created a Mediterranean feast!

House paint also works wonders on sheets to create pirate flags!

A sign to welcome you to the Tavern, aka, the laundry room.

Now to set it all up. Could I put this in my resume as set and prop design?

Last thing you need at these sorts of things to make them successful are a bunch of AWESOME people to help you celebrate in style!

 Drink up me hearties, yo-ho!


  1. So good! Your art really gave the party an authentic feel. Excellent pictures, too!

  2. Awesome! That looks like a whole lot of fun and the decorating (and food) looks great. I really like the chalk/pastel drawings... sweet mood!