Thursday, October 11, 2012

Old Movies, New Style

So, I have had some pretty awesome teachers at the Academy of Art University, and even though I've graduated they still continue to help direct me and give me feedback on my art. One in particular has always pushed me to try new and different styles. During my last semester that notion was daunting and terrifying and I fought against it like a feral cat. But now that I'm out from under the security blanket of my thesis I've been tip toeing around and playing with some new ideas.

I chose a few of my favorite movies and characters to start off with the experimentation.

"You remind me of the babe..."

"The harmony of the Universe depends upon an eternal balance. Out of the struggle to maintain this balance comes the birth of Legends."

 Ok, this one may not be an old movie, in fact its really quite new... But I saw it and thought it was super cute and was inspired to draw something about those two crazy love birds in the film.

"You're my zing!"

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