Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Remember, Sarah, you're here to learn...

So, as well as feeling like Im in some sort of disembodied state all day due to lack of sleep (and amazingly visionary Muse music), I also had a pretty frustrating "technical difficulty" type of day. I cant get it right when it comes to thinking in a technical manner in subjects like head drawing, shadows, and perspective. Before I lay down the good stuff, I'll share some little "mascots", as Kristin calls them, that I doodle up when I cant go any farther on an idea or project.

Wow I really need to learn to scale down my images, eh?

Turned in the street scene tonight. I think it turned out pretty cool, it was definitely one of the most imaginative in the class. As the teacher says, I get an "A for Imagination." (fist pump) I'll just post the progression from thumbs to final so you can see all the majesty! There's a lot to fix, because perspective does indeed kick my ass, but we get to fix our mistakes and work on lighting for next week. Commence art overload.

(I dont know why the thumbs doesnt appear horizontally, and I dont know how to fix it, >_< )
Back to my still life of coffee, tea, and wine.


  1. Love the work! I'm really looking forward to seeing your perspective come together... really amazing. Keep it up!

  2. Perspective is H.A.R.D! I just put up some perspective studies on my blog too- I forgot how hard it is to nail ellipses in perspective. I've gotta work on it for Layouts class.

    You're not as bad at perspective as you think, I really like the scene, and I'm looking forward to the still life you're doing. What medium are you using, if you don't mind me asking? Is it going to be a charcoal study? <3