Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Academia Updates

Well, it certainly has been long enough since I've updated this blog. Be prepared for a massive image dump, starting where we left off with last years class work. Don't worry, I'll spare you the gory details and really bad drawings.

Fall 2009, First semester having studio classes in San Francisco, second semester overall. I had two online classes the semester before, Spring 2009, but they were general studies.

Drawing from Imagination goodies. Instructor John Heebink.

Some charcoal goodies from Head Drawing (Jung Han Kim) and Chiaroscuro (Cathy Locke).

More Chiaroscuro goods, instructor Cathy Locke.

Heres work from my third semester, Spring 2010. I had two studio classes, and a general study, Genres in Science Fiction and Fantasy, with Tom Marcoux.

Never thought I would be painting in oils, but I did in Portrait Painting with Zhao Ming Wu.

I really enjoyed working with chalk in Sustained Figurative Concepts (yay mermaids!). Instructor Bill Maughan.

Summer semester, 2010. So fast and so intense, but I made it through.

Character Design with Michael Buffington. Lots and lots of drawing, mostly 2 or 3 minutes per pose.

More oil painting in Situation and Environment with Tomutsu Takishima.

This brings us up to speed with the Fall 2010 semester. I'll post work from this semester separately, as well as my favorites from the first year of grad school, my "Gallery" as I would like to call it. ^_^

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